10 Instagram + TikTok Metrics You Should Be Tracking

By: Rachael Seda

Posting your brand’s content on Instagram or TikTok is only half of your social strategy. Diving into platform metrics is the other half. Evaluating these social media metrics will help you to validate the decisions you’ve made in terms of your content strategy. Once you’ve gathered enough data, you’ll be able to quickly tell which types of content are resonating with your audience and which ones you might need to take in a different direction.

If your brand is on Instagram (and who isn’t these days?!)…

Your social strategy probably includes a brand awareness piece, which means you’re trying to reach as many new customers as possible. This brings us to our first Instagram metric, reach! To access this information, go to Insights then tap “Accounts Reached”. Here you’ll find the number of accounts reached over a specific time period, top cities, followers and non-followers (super important!), and content reach (which types of content are reaching your audience). Understanding which types of content perform best and reach the most people will help you create future content for your Instagram strategy.

A few other Instagram metrics you’ll want to check out include:

  • Number of Accounts Engaged
  • Content Interactions
  • Follower Growth Rate
  • Top Posts and Top Live Videos

If your brand is on TikTok…

One of the first metrics you should start tracking is video views. While we don’t have a playbook for the TikTok algorithm, we do know that after you post a video the platform pushes your content out to a small number of people. If those people find your video valuable and entertaining (i.e. they watch all or almost all of the video and engage in some way with likes, comments, or shares) then TikTok will push it out to even more people! When you track video views, you’ll be able to test and experiment with different hooks, formats, and calls to action.

Here are a few other metrics on TikTok that you’ll want to keep a close eye on:

  • Profile Views
  • Growth Rate
  • Follower Activity
  • Trending Videos

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