5 Short-From Video Content Ideas To Try

By: Rachael Seda

When it comes to short-form video, you’re either on board or get left behind completely, especially if you’re targeting Millennials and Gen Z (who are especially drawn to platforms like TikTok). Our attention spans continue to decline, which has led to a surge in short-form video creation across all major social platforms – 178% in 2021 compared to 2020. And it’s not slowing down anytime soon! Today we’re sharing 5 short-form video content ideas that you can try this week to become part of the conversation in your industry. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and TikTok for more ideas!

#1: Product Teaser Video

When releasing a teaser video for a new product launch, you can choose to showcase certain elements of the product or the whole thing. If your company is brand new, you will typically see more excitement if you showcase the whole product. On the flip side, if your brand is well-established, you can tease certain elements and still achieve the launch momentum, as long as you’ve prepped your marketing materials in advance.

#2: Tutorials

It may come as no surprise that “How To” searches on YouTube increase by 70% every year. This is because consumers (a whopping 72%, according to a recent study) would rather watch a video to learn how to do something versus reading a product user manual. The trick to creating tutorials on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels is condensing the steps and/or speeding up the video so you “cover more ground” in less time.

#3: Behind The Scenes

Behind-the-scenes videos aren’t new, but there are different content pillars within this category that you can create. For example, if you have a physical storefront, a guided tour of the facility would be beneficial for any newcomers. If your team has a special exercise or hype session before something big (product launch, closed on a new deal, etc), share that on social media so your audience can celebrate with you! And if you’re posting short-form video content on the regular, sharing bloopers from transitions or voiceovers could be fun to share as well.

#4: Brand FAQs

While your website probably has an entire page dedicated to common questions, social media is typically the first point of contact for a lot of your customers. Creating a series of videos that answer common questions is a great example of meeting your customers where they’re at. These types of videos not only give you a chance to address your audience directly, but you can also use them to showcase your products. Try to incorporate questions that are directly related to your brand, and others that showcase your knowledge about your industry in general. Sharing a range can boost credibility with your audience and position your brand as an industry authority.

#5: Team Member Interview

A team member interview can be really fun and most importantly, interesting to the viewer if done correctly. Keep the questions short, use post-editing features to create jump cuts, and incorporate some fun personality questions into your interview. If you’re looking to bring on some new team members, this type of content is great to showcase on your social channels as prospective applicants will likely check your accounts prior to applying.

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