7 Black Friday Marketing Tips To Boost Sales

By: Rachael Seda

Around this time of year our social feeds and email inboxes are flooded with last-minute offers and holiday deals. The competition, especially for e-commerce stores, is at an all time high! So, how do you stand out amongst your competitors? We’ve rounded up 7 of our best Black Friday marketing tips to help you have your best holiday sales year yet!

1 – Make your social media posts shoppable. The reason behind this is to meet your customers where they are, and by adding this feature to your posts you’re making it as easy as possible to buy from you. You can create shoppable posts by using native app features like Instagram Shopping to link your e-commerce store’s product catalog, or you can use a link in bio feature like Later’s Linkin.bio.

2 – Prep your website for Google searches related to your products. One of the best ways to do this is by making sure that you incorporate specific keywords throughout your site in product descriptions, landing pages, etc. Just make sure that your brand voice still shines through and sounds natural, otherwise your customers will pick up on the keyword stuffing.

3 – Give your best customers some extra love through exclusive deals. If you’re using a platform like Shopify, you can easily create lists of your best customers. We recommend reaching out to them via email through a segmented list all their own, or via text if you have that messaging capability. By showing your customers that you value their loyalty, they’ll be more included to return beyond Black Friday, and will hopefully bring their friends along too!

4 – Try Minimum Spend Rewards. Whether it’s a dollar/percentage discount or an offer for free shipping, minimum spend rewards are a great way to encourage customers to spend more money with you. This marketing strategy also works outside of Black Friday. While you probably don’t want to run this promotion year-round, you can tailor it to different marketing holidays or promotions.

5 – Make it even easier for customers to shop with you by creating well thought out gift guides. If you haven’t done this before, a digital gift guide is a curated list of products that go well together and fit your ideal customer personas. These gift guides can include your products only OR you can include products from other businesses that complement yours. The latter is a great way to increase your exposure because both parties will be promoting the guide.

6 – Go against the grain of traditional Black Friday marketing. Each year our social media feeds and email inboxes are flooded with limited time deals, all vying for attention. Get creative and offer up your customers something different like mystery offers or extended shopping days.

7 – Create value by offering charitable donations. Instead of following the norm when it comes to Black Friday marketing efforts, you can touch on your customers personal values by offering to donate a portion of your sales to a charity. Choose a charity that aligns with your brand mission and values, and make sure that you have access to a platform or software that can manage the donations and doesn’t affect the flow of checkout. Givz is a great Shopify app for this!

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