episode 62: All Systems Scale: Go From Just-You to a Team

By: Mix+Shine Team
Morgan Sutton on the corporate dropout podcast with April sciacchitano and rachael seda
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Morgan Sutton understands systems engineering. She knows that the right systems can help scale a business and make it more successful. Eight years ago, when she was fed up with the corporate cubicle intern life, she went to work for Sue B. Zimmerman. She assisted Sue at her retail store and with the online business Sue was creating, implementing systems to help simplify daily operations and grow both businesses.

Morgan is now Sue’s official business partner and manages their team of 12. Morgan has refined their systems—streamlining workflows and bringing in money—and makes it a point to treat their contractors and employees how she would want to be treated. A true leader, Morgan strives to improve the business and give others the same opportunities she received when she started working for Sue.

On today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • Tips for empowering your team to bring their ideas to life (while still providing clarity and guidelines)
  • Choosing what tasks to delegate and what to keep for yourself
  • Morgan’s favorite project management systems and processes (not all of them are tools)
  • How business owners can set their systems up to be more successful and run more smoothly
  • What Morgan focuses on when it comes to analytics and reporting


Connect with Morgan

About Morgan

I’m Morgan, also known as the COO here at Sue B Zimmerman Enterprise. With a background in Systems Engineering, I am responsible for all of the back-end operations and systems that keep the @SBZteam running. Since the company’s start, I’ve helped Sue develop both her popular brand and her online courses. Every day I strive to make the lives of our customers more productive through efficient and effective systems.I get really excited about giving business owners back wasted time and energy by helping them clarify their mission, define attainable goals and become empowered to use the organizational tactics and online tools.

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