103: Bundle x Joy: How one brand is amplifying diverse voices, nutrition, and joy in the pet industry

By: Rachael Seda
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Jessica Berger spent 15 years of her life working in the pet industry before taking a leap of faith in her own journey. She made the decision to leave her corporate desk job behind and paved her path by founding Bundle x Joy, a pet brand committed to delivering high-quality nutrition and products to pets and their owners alike.

With the goal in mind of creating an inclusive and diverse community for pet lovers while providing sustainable pet products, Jess is rewriting the narrative of the pet industry. Her mission? To embrace life’s joyful moments by simplifying pet nutrition and fostering a happy environment that celebrates the unique bond between humans and their furry friends.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • Jess’s journey from leaving her corporate job to starting Bundle x Joy
  • The mission of Bundle x Joy to create a more inclusive and representative space in the pet industry
  • The importance of diversity and empowerment in leadership roles
  • How Bundle x Joy aims to simplify pet nutrition and bring joy to pet owners
  • The challenges and opportunities of being an entrepreneur in the pet industry
  • The importance of collaboration and mentorship among women in business




About Jessica Berger

Named Pet Age’s Women of Influence in 2021, Jess Berger is the fearless founder leading the purpose-driven, next-generation brand, BundleXJoy. After 15 years in the pet industry working with some of the largest pet retailers and manufacturers, Jess found herself disillusioned with the lack of representation, inclusivity, and alignment in leadership in the pet space.

As a first-generation American Latina, Jess asked herself what it would look like to create a pet company where women could come together and lean on each other to create a diverse network of purpose-driven partnerships to serve pet people today. She quickly left her corporate desk behind to pursue JOY and her purpose in entrepreneurship. Now, Jess is building the brand she wished existed, and personally crafting formulas she believes in to simplify pet nutrition and create more time for joy with our pups.




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