episode 84: Automate Your Business to Grow

By: Rachael Seda
Rachel Haley on the corporate dropout podcast
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One of the biggest goals for many businesses is to grow and scale. But one of the biggest mistakes businesses make is trying to scale before having reliable and consistent processes and operations in place. Having automated systems in place allows you and your team to focus on the real revenue-generating activities that keep your business going. The key is making sure these automated processes will remain steadfast through your growth.

On this week’s episode of The Corporate Dropout podcast, we are joined by Rachel Haley, co-founder and CEO of Clarus Designs. Rachel’s 10-year career in the finance and tech industry has ranged from portfolio management, market analysis, and financial modeling and strategy. After recognizing that many of her peers in startups were struggling with scaling due to lack of internal automated systems, Rachel co-founded her current company Clarus Designs. Clarus is a consulting and outsourcing firm that helps startups optimize rapid scaling through improved operational strategy and execution.

Clarus is more than just a consulting firm that helps companies grow. One of Clarus’ missions is to promote flexibility without compromising expectations. Much of Clarus’ success stems from sourcing top talent from an overlooked yet highly-skilled talent pool consisting of mothers who had to leave their booming careers to take care of their families. And we all know that women, especially mothers, make the strongest and most hard-working leaders!

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • The best practices for scaling your business
  • The biggest mistakes businesses make when trying to scale
  • How to unify your team to work toward shared goals
  • Why prioritizing flexibility boosts productivity 
  • Why you should leave the door open for others to follow your path


Connect with Rachel Haley

About Rachel Haley

Rachel started her career at Hall Capital Partners in the portfolio management group, focusing on portfolio management, market analysis and financial modeling. After Hall Capital, Rachel moved to Salesforce to work in the finance and strategy department.
In 2015, she Co-Founded Clarus Designs, which now has over 100 employees globally. Most recently, Rachel worked as the Senior Director of Sales Operations and Strategy at Snowflake, where she helped the company grow from 300 people to over 2,000 and more than 10X-ing in annual revenue.

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