109: Reclaim Your Time: Entrepreneur’s Guide for Automation, Delegation, and Growth

By: Rachael Seda
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In this episode of The Corporate Dropout, we sit down with Mike Abramowitz, a seasoned entrepreneur with a profound career journey that has led him to mastering the art of direct sales and building multiple successful businesses and non-profits. 

Mike discusses the importance of automation, delegation, and systemization in achieving both financial and time freedom, sharing advice for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses while living an enjoyable life.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • How to shift your productivity paradigms and zero in on high-value tasks
  • Mike’s approach to calculating your own worth by the hour
  • How to identify opportunities for task delegation and automation
  • Embracing AI tools to refine business operations


About Mike Abramowitz

Mike Abramowitz has 20 years of direct sales experience training 5000+ sales reps for $17M sold, has 9 books in the self help space, and founded PB&J for Tampa Bay. He has scaled his several 6 figure businesses and non profit to be run without him so he can experience time freedom that he desires. He’s a busy father and husband who helps other busy entrepreneurs implement systems in their businesses by leveraging automation and delegation to help business operators become business owners and truly experience the financial and time freedom that drew them to entrepreneurship in the first place. He has a podcast called “The Better Than Rich Show” and a community called Automate, Delegate, Systemize.


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