5 Components of A Successful Email Campaign

By: Rachael Seda

Your latest Instagram post may not reach your entire follower base, but an eblast certainly can. Whether you’re creating an email campaign for your latest launch, or you’re setting up a welcome sequence for the first time, there are 5 components we like to include in every single marketing email that we send out for our clients (and ourselves!). These components can be the deciding factor in whether or not a subscriber engages with your email—replying, clicking a link, buying your product/service, etc.

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Attention-Grabbing Subject Line

“Did you know that 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone?” We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—your subject line deserves just as much thought as what you wrote inside the email. Think about how many emails you get a day… which ones do you open? Why? Is it because you recognize the sender? Perhaps because the subject line caught your attention? Both? The more consistent you are with emailing your subscribers, and the more thought you put into writing a catchy subject line, the higher your open rates will be.

Writing Like An Actual Human

One of the biggest mistakes we see our clients making when they first start their email marketing strategy is writing emails like they’re sending out their resumes to recruiters–– way too professional, with little (if any) personality infused. Chances are that your subscribers came to your email list from social media, and if you’re showing up on Instagram Stories, they’ll expect for you to write how you talk. Which brings us to our next point…

Make Your Email An Easy Read

Fact: If your email reads like a college history book, chances are your subscriber will delete it before they even get to the “good stuff”. Not only do you want to break up your text into bite-size paragraphs, but you can make it even easier to read by adding things like:

  • Headers/Subheaders (in your brand colors)
  • Easy to find links by using different text formats
  • A “summary” section at the end of your email for those who skip to the bottom

Include Graphic Elements Or GIFs Whenever Appropriate

Who says emails have to be boring? When you use a platform like Flodesk, you get access to beautiful templates that are easy to use and allow you to input your branding elements (such as colors and logos). To make your email more entertaining to read through, try out several different layouts and include fun GIFs when appropriate. We love using GIFs in our Mix+Shine marketing emails, immediately after the “title” section.

Always Including A Call-To-Action

Whether you’re sending out an email more as a personal note OR hyping up your next launch, you should always include a call to action to try and engage your reader. Unlike social media posts that could or could not land in front of your audience, an email will reach them every single time. That means it’s up to YOU to drive engagement. Some of our favorites call to actions include:

  • Follow us over on Instagram (or any other social media)
  • Hit that reply button & let us know XYZ (because there is another human here)
  • Shop Now, Buy Now (or any other straight to the point CTA)

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