episode 34: Creating a Full Time Hustle by Putting Community Over Competition

By: Rachael Seda
creating a full time hustle with josh fowler on the corporate dropout podcast by mix and shine marketing
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When is timing right? Whenever you say so.

Part 2 is when it really gets good with our guest Josh Fowler because it’s something Rachael always wondered: Amidst starting a business, spinning off a new one, and growing both, Josh and Susan Fowler adopted a child who requires extra care.

Timing is never perfect, but for Josh and Susan, growing their family could never be a wrong answer. In this episode, Josh gets personal talking about family, money, debt, and how to persevere and build your family at the same time.

In this episode, listen out for how Josh dealt with negative feedback about taking his side business and turning it into his full time hustle- and how staying true to purpose helped him keep going.

Josh shares on:

  • Collaboration vs. Competition – and why everyone wins when we work together
  • How to deal with negative feedback about your business
  • Why purpose always comes first in work and life
  • Why timing goes out the window for some big life decisions
  • How Josh balances work and life
  • How Josh got out of debt
  • Josh’s business hero and key steps to take when starting a business
  • Why the four dollar cup of coffee costs you more than you think
  • A whiskey recommendation

Connect with Josh:

Find him on Instagram, @JoshFowler, @FowlerStudios and @Armaloo

Don’t forget to listen to his podcast with his wife Susan, the Full Time Hustle!

About Josh Fowler:

Josh Fowler is a musician at heart and has never met a stranger. The kind of guy that you may not see for years, yet he’ll leave a voicemail saying, “Hey this is Josh, call me back!” He first started filming videos in 2006, and officially started wedding films with Fowler Studios in 2012 and his own marketing agency Armaloo in 2018.

Quick Facts:

  • can play almost any instrument
  • once played keys for an audience of 38,000
  • collects bourbon
  • has a trivia rule named after him
  • super dad to 5 kids

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