episode 39: Stop Brainstorming & Start Sprinting: Using Design Sprints to Solve Big Problems in 5 Days with Jake Knapp

By: Mix+Shine Team
design sprint author and creator jake knapp on the corporate dropout podcast to encourage listeners to stop brainstorming and start sprinting
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What if you could cut through the BS of brainstorming and make REAL headway on a big project in only five days? Jake Knapp, creator and author of The Design Sprint, joins us on the podcast to explain exactly that.

Jake spent 10+ years at Google Ventures building products like Gmail and knew there had to be a faster way of making headway. Brainstorming sessions were fun—but they didn’t work. As a result, Jake created the Design Sprint process. An intensive “sprint” that gets the big decisions made in a fraction of the time. 

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Who/what the Design Sprint was created for
  • What you need to have a successful Design Sprint and what it can accomplish
  • Why brainstorming doesn’t work (even though it’s fun)
  • Everything you need to know to host your first Design Sprint
  • How a distraction-free iPhone changed Jake’s productivity
  • Jake’s journey from Google Ventures to becoming an entrepreneur
  • Jake’s new book, Make Time: How to Focus on What Matters Every Day, that you need to add to cart ASAP

About Jake Knapp:

Jake Knapp spent 10 years at Google and Google Ventures, where he created the Design Sprint. He has coached hundreds of teams on the process, from companies like Slack, Uber, 23andMe, The New York Times, and LEGO. Jake is currently among the world’s tallest designers.

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