episode 40: Branding + Naming in Only 5 Days with the Design Sprint Process

By: Rachael Seda
Rachael Seda and April Sciacchitano, Branding + Naming in Only 5 Days with the Design Sprint Process on the corporate dropout podcast
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In last week’s episode, we discussed the Design Sprint Process with Jake Knapp. To recap, the Design Sprint is a 5-day ‘sprint’ to solve big problems and test new ideas that would normally take months or even years to solve. This week we took what we learned and hosted our very first Design Sprint with a national food client.

If you’re struggling with a big problem or you need to test a new idea, then listen up. In today’s episode you’ll hear about:

  • How we accepted the fact that “brainstorms don’t work” (because they aren’t productive and don’t move the needle forward)
  • Insight into how our first Design Sprint went
  • A transformative voting process that makes decisions less awkward and uncomfortable
  • How you can implement this process in your everyday life with Lightning Decision Jam
  • One simple phrase that will help you look at problems differently
  • An Online Marketing Planning Workshop to level up your 2020 marketing


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