episode 92: Why Emerging Brands Should Focus on Direct to Consumer in 2022

By: Rachael Seda
Kelly Sakalas on the Mix+Shine podcast
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Kelly Sakalas is a recent corporate dropout with an award-winning career spanning journalism,  agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Now she is a consultant for new and emerging brands. Sakalas has worked with both entrepreneurs and big companies but now spends her free time elevating women’s voices by helping them run for public office.

Sakalas shares the components needed for emerging brands to be successful as a direct-to-consumer company (D2C). She also shares her best practices for setting up an e-commerce website, as well as scrappy ways to get to know your consumer without spending a ton of research dollars!

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • Elements of e-commerce that matter most to Millennials + Gen Z
  • Major misperceptions about today’s consumers
  • Tips on driving customers to your e-commerce platform
  • Questions to ask when performing target audience research



About Kelly Sakalas

Kelly is motivated to drive change – from emerging and legacy brands to communities and culture. She has worked with both entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies along the way. Throughout her award-winning career spanning journalism, agencies, corporate, and now consultant, she is known for providing unique solutions to drive progress.

Building the Smucker Innovation Center from concept to management is just one way she has done this. The center is dedicated to collaborating with retail partners on ways to grow across the industry all while highlighting the Company’s commitment to innovation. And it doesn’t stop there, her creative marketing work helped rescue a million shelter cats with the original celebrity cat, Morris, and she introduced renown chefs and journalists to the wines of Rioja, the Napa Valley of Spain.

A recent corporate dropout, she is consulting to elevate women’s voices and build stronger communities. In her free time, Kelly loves helping women run for public office and spending time with her husband, Paul, six-year-old son George, and 7-month-old Henry.


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