episode 25: Expert Tips for Creating Video on a Budget

By: Rachael Seda
reid kerley of loud cat creative
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Everyone hates how they look and sound on video…. yet we all know it’s where the future of marketing lies. But what about tips for creating video on a budget? Well look no further than this episode with Reid Kerley, founder of Loud Cat Creative.

The key to great video? Stop being so hard on yourself, and start recording video now. You don’t have to publish everything you shoot – but eventually, you’re going to have to take a risk and publish something you don’t love.

In this episode, listen to Reid and Rachael chat about:

  • when you’re ready for professional video
  • why you should do documentary style interviews
  • what you have to achieve in the first few seconds of any video
  • why videos in your car are a no-go
  • how to dial-up your video persona as a performer, not faker
  • a pet-peeve about who you SAY your target audience is
  • common mistakes in shooting casual video
  • equipment must-haves to get you started
  • why you should caption video (and a smart way to do it easily and accurately)

Tune into for Reid’s best tips on creating video on a budget and how you can (and should) get started with your iPhone TODAY!


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Learn more about Reid Kerley:

Reid studied English and Film at the University of Virginia, and is obsessed with making movies. You’re probably like, “Commercials aren’t movies,” and he would say “Yeah, ok, you’re technically right, but don’t harsh my vibe.” He’s worked for years with local and national clients to develop and film creative video content with a track record of success.

Connect with Reid Kerley:

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