episode 41: How to Use Facebook Ads to Grow Your Business with Andrea Vahl

By: Rachael Seda
Facebook Expert Andrea Vahl on the corporate dropout podcast to show people how to use facebook ads to make money
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After being “forced” out of the corporate world, Andrea made the decision to stay home with her one-year-old son while trying to find something to do on the side. She dove head first into blogs on social media marketing, but was disappointed after reading so many that didn’t resonate with her. What did she do once she discovered a hole in the market? She created her own products!

Andrea admitted that not all of them were great. In fact, only a handful of people purchased her first product, but she kept learning and continued to improve. Before long this side hustle with a shoestring budget turned into a full-time business that allows her to travel and speak around the world. In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • What inspired Andrea to to create online courses for Facebook Advertising
  • Why traditional marketing methods (such as radio ads) are falling to the wayside and social marketing continues to rise
  • How to convince your leader to start allocating advertising dollars to ads
  • What you need in place to run successful campaigns
  • What you need to know about social platform placements
  • How to get started on the right foot with ads and how to know if your ads are performing well

About Andrea Vahl:

Andrea Vahl is a Social Media Speaker and Consultant who is passionate about helping businesses understand and leverage the power of social media to actually grow their business. Andrea is the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies and her newest book is Facebook Ads Made Simple.

She has appeared on top lists on Entrepreneur.com, Inc.com, and other influential sites. She is the founder of Facebook Advertising Secrets an online learning program with over 700 students. Andrea Vahl’s proven ability to make social media marketing easy to understand and implement has directly impacted the bottom line of thousands of companies through her training and one-on-one consulting. She is also a stand up comedienne. Learn more about Andrea’s books, courses, and resources, on her website, www.AndreaVahl.com.

Connect with Andrea Vahl:

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Check out her Top 10 Blog Posts ebook – that’s been getting a lot of great feedback.

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