5 Steps To Getting More Foot Traffic Using GMB

By: Rachael Seda

Whether you’re days away from opening your first storefront, or you’re a seasoned retail business owner, getting more foot traffic is always a top priority. Today we’re sharing 5 steps you can take TODAY to get more customers in your store by using Google My Business listing. (Download our free Google My Business Checklist HERE.)

Step #1: Monitor your Q&A section on a regular basis

If people are asking questions on your Google My Business listing, there’s a good chance they could be a potential customer, which means you need to answer any and all questions as soon as possible. Not only does this matter to the person who originally asked the question, but it also benefits other customers who can see the question and even give it a “thumbs up”. Keep in mind that anyone can ask a question, and anyone can answer a question, so make sure you (as the business owner) reply as quickly as possible.

Step #2: Don’t skip on the listing details

If Google gives you a field to complete, fill that baby out! The more information about your business you can provide to Google, the better your chances are that your listing will rank higher in the local search results (AKA more foot traffic!). The information tab will ask you to add Categories, and you can include up to 10. If you’re not sure what to add, reference the Master List of 3000 Categories.

Step #3: Encourage your customers to share photos

Photos on your Google My Business account should be about iPhone realness, not polished professional photos. Find ways to suggest that your visitors share a specific photo on your Google listing. Creating posts for social media, putting signage up at your register, and verbally asking for your customers to share their experiences are all great ways to do this! Shared photos can be just as significant as getting a positive review from them.

Step #4: Create posts that reference your proximity to nearby businesses/attractions

Let’s say that you own a local sandwich shop right next to the beach. You could create a post for your listing that says “Hungry after your day at the beach? Subs are only 3 minutes away!” This is a great way to guide your customers directly to your business and can work with a variety of nearby attractions such as restaurants, boutiques, parks, museums, etc.

Step #5: Check “Businesses like this one” at the bottom of your Maps listing

Fact: It doesn’t matter if you believe the businesses at the bottom of your listing are your competitors, Google says they are and that’s all that matters. So what if they’re way, way off? It’s time to refresh your Categories and make sure your business description includes relevant keywords. Don’t forget that you can include up to 10 different categories in your listing.


Download our free Google My Business Checklist HERE.