episode 12: How to Ask for & Get Paid What You’re Worth

By: Rachael Seda
mix and shine marketing on budget
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Ready to talk money and get paid? April and Rachael share what they have learned so far as entrepreneurs.

We are all wary of “scope creep’ with our existing clients. You want so much to make them happy, but what if that costs you all your time? Saying “no” is sometimes the only way to open up budget with an existing client. And you know what they say – it takes much less time to get business from a one-time client than to find a brand new one.

If you’re down for an unconventional relationship with clients, consider revenue-share over profit-share. And, listen for Rachael’s story about asking for more money at her corporate job. They asked if she was going to “have a tantrum” when she asked for a raise. (You’ll want to stay tuned for the end of this story!)

Here’s what you can listen out for –

  • Rachael’s story of asking for a raise at her first job
  • The one excuse you’ll hear at every job
  • Why you have to speak up about money
  • Being clear about your value
  • When to ask for more budget
  • Watching for scope creep in client services
  • Why “favors” and discounts tend to backfire
  • The full-price or free policy
  • Why contracts have to be crystal clear
  • Talking about money with others in your field
  • The value of tracking your time

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Like many great ideas, it started with margaritas.

We spent the first part of our marketing and PR careers working both in house and at a national agency. We met on Twitter, and then we worked together at a national agency. For over two years, we were a powerhouse team.

Over margaritas one night, at the end of a very long day, we asked each other… what’s stopping us from growing our own business?

We could work the way we like to work best with the people we like to work with. All we had to do was take the leap.

Was it the margarita talking?

The next morning we waited on the coffee to brew in the office kitchen. So… were you serious? With caffeine in place of tequila, the answer was yes. We were going to try.

And without a name or a plan, that is the moment Mix+Shine was unofficially born.

Calling All Corporate Dropouts!

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