episode 24: Corporate Shut Her Up So This Girl Boss Launched Her Own Business

By: Mix+Shine Team
kendyl of louder experiences on the corporate dropout podcast
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Throughout her career, Kendyl Wright was asked to please be quiet. Shut up and follow the rules. It wasn’t going to work for her – and yet this born girl boss loved running the BIG events and experiences that Corporate America gave her access to.
Kendyl talks about starting an experiential marketing business and owning her positions – as loud as she wants.
In this episode, Kendyl shares –
  • how this girl boss named and introduced her new business (here’s the exact announcement email!)
  • what getting “shushed” at work taught Kendyl about work
  • the story of buying a bus on Craigslist for a cross-country tour
  • why you also have to put yourself through it, in order to ask your team to do the same
  • why you have to take the long shots when you’re a small business
  • what you must invest in if you want “big fish” clients
  • working adjacent to Corporate America while maintaining your independence and voice
  • how events and experiences amplify digital marketing efforts
  • what to do when you feel like giving up AND after a big win
  • fighting paralysis when you’re finding new business

Connect with Kendyl Wright:

About Kendyl Wright:

Born in the South, but trained in New York, Kendyl is a creative, outgoing events professional and girl boss who has spent 14+ years designing engaging experiences for consumer and lifestyle brands. Kendyl founded LOUDER Experiences to do big things as a new kind of agency for event professionals.

From the initial creative concept to the final event production, Kendyl has produced publicity stunts, product launches, national tours, international community events, awards shows, trade shows, sponsorship activations, sampling, canvassing and more. Her experience ranges from bringing wine to millennials at New York Fashion Week to making tech accessible at the Special Olympics World Games to connecting Benjamin Moore with small business through a 20 city Main Street Matters community relations program.

In her spare time, Kendyl is an avid spinner, yogi, travel addict and wine enthusiast. A New Yorker at heart, her favorite part of being based in Dallas, TX is the giant, easily accessible airport.

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