episode 33: How to Become a Super-Connector to Grow a Successful Business x2

By: Rachael Seda
the corporate dropout podcast josh fowler on how to grow a successful business

How to Grow a Successful Business

Sometimes being a business owner is something you always dreamed of – and sometimes it finds you. In this episode, Josh takes us through his journey of how he turned an interest and passion into his full-time work, from how he named the business to how he developed relationships to keep it growing.

Josh and his wife Susan faced financial struggles early in their marriage, and it took them three years to climb out of debt. Before starting their own business, he was working somewhat creatively – but knew he wanted more creative freedom.

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In this episode, Josh shares:

  • Why Rachael loves Josh’s bio
  • How saying YES to a friend’s request for an iPhone wedding video changed everything
  • Why he decided to split his business in two
  • How to name your business – and why an invented word works
  • The importance of getting the “.com” for your business
  • Why some content goes viral (and others fall on their face)
  • The four storytelling steps to create winning content
  • How to grow a business the right way

About Josh Fowler:

Josh Fowler is a musician at heart and has never met a stranger. The kind of guy that you may not see for years, yet he’ll leave a voicemail saying, “Hey this is Josh, call me back!” He first started filming videos in 2006, and officially started wedding films with Fowler Studios in 2012 and his own marketing agency Armaloo in 2018.

Quick Facts:

  • can play almost any instrument
  • once played keys for an audience of 38,000
  • collects bourbon
  • has a trivia rule named after him
  • super dad to 5 kids

Connect with Josh:

Find him on Instagram, @JoshFowler, @FowlerStudios and @Armaloo

Don’t forget to listen to his podcast with his wife Susan, the Full Time Hustle!

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