episode 88: The Key to Growing a Multi-Million Dollar Agency Fast

By: Rachael Seda
Picture of Elle DeFreitas on the corporate dropout podcast
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Today on The Corporate Dropout, Rachael sits down with Elle DeFreitas, CEO + co-founder of Wonderkind Co., a brand marketing and design studio specializing in wellness food and beverage brands. Founded in April 2020, Wonderkind Co. has grown into a 4 million dollar agency, with 18 full-time employees. Yep, that’s right. Wonderkind Co. grew into a multi-million dollar agency within one year. 

Elle got her start in “Corporate America” working in sales for a big distribution company in Texas. She also worked for Google for a short period before deciding that she wanted to branch out and make a bigger impact. Cally Burgett, Elle’s good friend, partnered with her to create Wonderkind Co., and the rest is history.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • How to avoid the mistakes she made in her first consulting biz
  • Ways to deal with imposter syndrome when you’re offering new services
  • Convert the right clients for your business
  • How your biz shifts when hiring a team
  • 5 reasons Elle decided to hire full-time employees (instead of contractors)
  • How Elle and Cally created a company culture that attracts hundreds of applicants for each new position that opens

About Elle

Elle DeFreitas is the CEO + co-founder of Wonderkind Co., a boutique marketing and design studio specializing in wellness food and beverage brands. Based in Austin, Texas, Wonderkind Co. works with hundreds of CPG brands including, Yasso, Sacred Serve, Minna, Toto, SkinTe, mosh, Earth + Star, Jot and Richard’s Rainwater, popchips, Beam, Oat Haus, Kasama Rum, Sound, Whisps.


Follow Wonderkind Co. on Instagram @wonderkindco

Find Elle  on the Wonderkind Co. website HERE!

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