episode 31: The Boots on the Ground Approach to Growing a Local Business

By: Mix+Shine Team

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When opportunity seeks you out, will you say yes? Brian Maher, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and partner in a physical therapy clinic, Direct Performance, never saw himself as a business owner until a former colleague extended the offer.

Brian talks about growing a local business, learning the ropes of getting (and keeping) patients – and one critical step to move and breathe better if you’re at a desk all day.

He also shares how he stays connected in the community. On the ground strategies are tried and true – and help to keep his practice top of mind when injuries occur.

Listen out for:

  • the tried and true ways to growing a local business
  • how medical professionals get (and keep) new patients
  • how to reduce stiffness if you work at a desk all day
  • why you’re hurting yourself at the gym
  • the importance of good form
  • how to be open to new opportunities when they come your way
  • the story of the happy hour meet-up that turned Brian into a business owner

About Brian

Dr. Brian Maher, PT, DPT, CMTPT earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Saint Augustine in 2012 with a heavy focus on manual therapy techniques. He graduated with high honors and excelled in joint mobilization and manipulation techniques serving as a teacher assistant and tutor in manual courses during his final semester. While in school, his clinical rotations covered a wide spectrum of patient populations including sports, chronic pain, and neurological dysfunctions. He earned his B.S. in Sports Medicine and Kinesiology from the University of Virginia in 2009. Brian was active in local physical therapy facilities at UVA and served as a research assistant at the University’s running clinic.

​Since graduation, Brian has completed several continuing education courses with a heavy focus on sports medicine and continuing to develop his manual therapy skills. His continued education in manual techniques have helped him to progress his hands on skills in areas including joint mobilization; extremity and spinal manipulation; and myofascial release. Most recently, Brian has become certified in manual trigger point therapy with Therapeutic Dry Needling (CMTPT) through Myopain Seminars. Brian is also certified in Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) through Functional Movement Systems, which allows him to thoroughly analyze for, and correct, dysfunctional movement patterns in his patients. Aside from sports and manual therapy, Brian is also certified in Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery (PWR!) training for all levels of Parkinson’s Disease patients.

Connect with Brian

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