episode 10: How Education and Mentorship Fuel Fearless Business Decisions with Tina Morey

By: Rachael Seda
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How do you become a technical writer turned pastry chef and sommelier? You invest in your own interests, like Tina Morey. From vegan cakes to wine tastings, Tina ran several businesses, and ultimately evolved a side project into her full-time endeavor: Wine Studio. #winestudio is a Twitter chat every Tuesday from 9-10pm EST that helps wineries connect directly with wine consumers – and many people use the chat on Twitter as their wine education.

Tina shares a wealth of insights based on her personal experiences in this episode, including –

  • Why you should invest in your education (and why whatever interests you is never a waste of time)
  • Why writing is truly a “service industry”
  • Finding and celebrating the pattern in your career
  • Why your spouse has to be on-board with your biggest business decisions
  • Reflections on a business partnership turned south (and how to avoid getting into them in the first place)
  • Why the best mentors don’t answer your questions
  • Tina’s go-to wine at a party
  • Why casual wine drinkers should sip outside the norm

If you’ve never tried drinking sherry, Tina recommends starting with a bottle of Lustau (“Fino” is a drier style sherry). We think it pairs well with this episode. 😉

Follow along with Tina Morey:

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About Tina Morey:

Tina Morey used her 20 years combined in the pastry and wine industry to create a Twitter program called #winestudio that was the first of its kind: a virtual classroom where participants, winemakers, regional wine organizations gather to discuss topics and taste wines that connect us to the world around us. When she’s not in her online classroom, you can find her at pop-up tasting events around Virginia Beach.

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