National Small Business Day 2024: How Mix+Shine All Started

By: D'Asia Lasala

It’s National Small Business Day, and at Mix+Shine, we’re celebrating the amazing woman who makes it all happen – our CEO, Rachael Seda! Forget boring startup stories, Rachael’s journey is all about hustle, heart, and a killer ability to connect with people.

From Playground Hustle to Strategic Communication

Believe it or not, Rachael’s communication skills have been A1 since day one! Even as a kid, she was selling fruit snacks on the playground (seriously, the girl knew how to close a deal!). This natural talent followed her to college where she snagged a degree in communications and broadcast journalism. But then, the 2008 recession hit, and the job market went a little haywire.

Undeterred, Rachael went full-on hustler mode. Odd jobs? Check. Networking with random people at pizza places? Double check. It eventually paid off when she landed a marketing job at a D.C. non-profit. That’s where her love for digital marketing blossomed, but Rachael craved more. She wanted to work directly with clients and see the real impact of her work. Plus, the competitiveness of broadcast journalism was no longer fitting the vibe. So, she did what any badass woman would do: she became her own boss.

Mix+Shine: A Philosophy Built on Connection

Drawing from her experience, Rachael founded Mix+Shine. The agency’s whole philosophy is about personalized communication and custom strategies that help small businesses and non-profits dominate the digital era. The name itself, Mix+Shine, reflects Rachael’s belief in the power of digital marketing, especially social media, to give smaller players a fighting chance.

What Makes Us Different? It’s All About You.

Here’s the thing that sets Mix+Shine apart: we’re all about personalization. Rachael knows every business is unique, with its own goals and dreams. This client-centric approach ensures strategies are not just effective, but resonate authentically with target audiences.

Building a Strong Business Ain’t Easy

Let’s be real, building a business from scratch isn’t easy. Long hours and constant grinding were Rachael’s reality in the early days. But she faced those challenges head-on, always learning and adapting like a total rockstar. As Rachael says, “There will be tough times, but what can you control? How can you show up every day and make a difference?”.

Big Wins & Feel-Good Moments

Two milestones stand out for Rachael. Landing a major client was a huge win, proving Mix+Shine’s growing reputation. But an equally rewarding experience was a viral campaign for a women’s running group. Not only did it get featured on the Today Show, but it also made a real impact on the community. Talk about girl power!

The Future is Bright (and Full of Strong Women)

As Mix+Shine keeps growing, Rachael isn’t just focused on size. She’s passionate about creating a space that empowers working moms and champions female leadership in marketing.

Rachael’s story is an inspiration. It’s a reminder that perseverance, genuine connection, and the power of digital marketing can make anything possible. Happy National Small Business Day to all the dreamers, the doers, and the future leaders who keep pushing boundaries and making a difference!