episode 01: How To Make a Big (Terrifying) Leap into Owning Your Own Business with Lisa Gerber

By: Rachael Seda
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Ever feel like it’s time to move on? Lisa Gerber felt the pull – the proverbial mountains were calling her. She took a big leap and moved to a small mountain town in Idaho where she started her business and went from leading marketing at a ski resort to making the ski resort her first client.

Timing is everything, so they say – but Gerber shares that it’s not ever “right” timing either –

“Timing will never be right, but you know when you can’t stay on your current path. It’s scary, but when staying on the same path isn’t a viable solution – you have no choice.”

In this episode, Lisa shares more on…

  • Resilience for when business slows – and what to do with your time
  • How to break into speaking engagements
  • Staying connected, engaged and inspired when you actually live on a mountain

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About Lisa:

Lisa Gerber advises CEOs and senior level management on how to use the power of storytelling and effective communication to influence action and bring ideas to life. She guides companies through the digital maze of constantly changing tools to build discovery, loyalty, and ultimately help them achieve their own big leaps.

When she is not in her office, she might be out skiing or trail running. This is where she does her best creative problem solving.

You can follow her blog at bigleapcreative.com/blog. She is the host of The Gear Show podcast, conversations with outdoor active professionals and entrepreneurs who are redefining the way they do life and business. Lastly, she speaks at conferences nationally on storytelling, measurement and taking big leaps. 

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