episode 46: How to Sell Without Feeling Gross

By: Mix+Shine Team
Rachael and April of the corporate drop out podcast discuss how to sell your services
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On this episode of The Corporate Dropout, Rachael + April sit down to chat about sales. If reading those words sent you back to your Girl Scout days (and the way you felt trying to hustle all those cookies), you’re not alone. Today Rachael + April will teach you how to sell your services or products without feeling gross.

While there are some fundamental elements to a sale—like being 100% confident in what you have to offer—there are some ways to make the sales process easier on both you and your potential clients. For example, knowing how to ask what your potential client’s budget is without *really* asking and what to do if you get a “NO” on your proposal.

 In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Start selling your business
  • How to approach the dreaded “sales pitch”
  • Key things to look for in a project and the right questions to ask
  • How to start budget conversations and create systems for it

Connect with Rachael:

Rachael is the one you will find on our Insta so send her a message so she can have a fun distraction, @mixandsbinepr

You can also connect with her on LinkedIn  (where she’s trying to obey all of April’s advice but for her showing up is a win).

About Rachael:

Rachael looked at April over margaritas one day and said, “we can do this ourselves, whats the worst that could happen?!”

A few months later they started their own boutique marketing agency. She works with her clients to find the right marketing mix, because that’s when you really drive business results. No more cookie cutter marketing solutions, too good to be true tactics, or just doing what the client said they want. Rachael is all about real results that make an impact!

Digital marketing strategy and planning is her jam. She loves to dig in and figure out what’s working, what’s not, and what will get you the results you’re looking for. She’s an advisor to her clients, but she’s never afraid of getting into the nitty gritty with you. (In fact, she kinda loves it). One thing is for sure, if she doesn’t make you laugh, you’re looking at an imposter.

Fun facts to ask her about:

  • She’s the reason Miss America 2001 actually won.
  • Rachael’s been featured on a billboard in Times Square.
  • Named one of Top Rank’s 25 Women Who Rock Social Media
  • Also she is obsessed with her cockapoo, @peppersthepup

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