episode 07: How to Leave Your Corporate Job and Never Turn Back with Britany Felix

By: Mix+Shine Team
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The RV broke down just two and a half months into living on the road. It was time to head back home… but Britany Felix knew she would continue to find a way to live an unconventional life. Sure, not every day can be a life-affirming trip to Bali – but Britany Felix has built a business and life that support her adventurous side.

In this episode, Britany Felix shares what it was like to leave the corporate world twice. The first time, it was call, quit and never return to the office, all from the side of the road. This exit didn’t stick, but the second time was different. She organically discovered a medium she loved and made a smooth(er) natural transition from 9-5 to the freedom she always knew she needed.

Listen out for Britany’s insight on leaving your corporate job for good –

  • How the corporate world left her at the end of her rope
  • Why it’s okay not to have your “dream lifestyle” (yet)
  • Why being a solopreneur doesn’t mean being solo
  • Britany shares her insights from 300+ podcast episodes, including how to develop a relationship with your listeners

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About Britany Felix:

Britany Felix found herself approaching her 30’s, working in a soul-sucking corporate job, and no closer to her dreams of traveling the world. In November 2015, she decided to start a podcast where she could learn from those living her dream lifestyle and that decision changed her life. She left the corporate world behind and now has the freedom she craved. Thanks to her business as a Podcast Launch Consultant she now makes a living helping coaches and consultants get their message out into the world with a podcast of their very own.

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