episode 90: Miss America 2001: Lessons from the Crown 20 Years Later

By: Rachael Seda

Angela Perez Baraquio on the Corporate Dropout Podcast

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In this episode, Rachael sits down with Angela Perez Baraquio, winner of Miss America 2001. Angela became the first teacher, first Asian American, and the first and only Filipino American ever to win the Miss America pageant. But before her big win, she was Rachael’s middle school basketball coach. Tune in to hear how Rachael and another childhood friend help motivate Angela to run for Miss America 2001 and why Angela knew she needed to enter the pageant in order to lead by example.

Angela details her strategy for reaching her goals and explains how she’s used them to set herself up for achieving other dreams—such as becoming principal of a K-8 school and a published author. 

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • How Angela took one “dare” and turned it a lifetime of wins
  • What entrepreneurs can do to motivate their team(s)
  • Actionable steps to help push past fears
  • The key to setting small goals to help you reach a bigger goal/purpose
  • Why you should be your own coach




About Angela

Angela Perez Baraquio, Miss Hawai’i 2000 and Miss America 2001(the first teacher and first Asian Miss America and the first and only Filipina-American to win the title in 100 years, since the program’s inception in 1921) is a former TV Host for Telly-Award winning statewide show in Hawaii, “Living Local with the Baraquios.” Angela championed her platform of Character Education and used her scholarship awards to earn a Master’s Degree in Educational Adminsitration, which set her up for her current role as principal of a K-8 Catholic School in Southern California. She is a published author, who released a faith-based inspirational memoir called, “Amazing Win, Amazing Loss, Miss America Living Happily, EVEN After” in 2014. Angela is also a wife of 19 years. She married her high school sweetheart, Tinifuloa Grey, who proposed to her onstage at Miss Hawai’i during her year as Miss America, and together they have 5 beautiful children. A former teacher and Athletic Director, Angela also adds former Presidential appointee and professional speaker to her experiences. Rachael, the host of this podcast, is “Coach Angie’s” former student and was instrumental in her journey to Miss America.


Check out Angela’s website HERE!

But her book Amazing Win, Amazing Loss: Miss America Living Happily, EVEN After on Amazon.

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