episode 43: How to Stay True To Your Long-Term Business Vision with Gregg Rozeboom

By: Mix+Shine Team
Gregg Rozeboom owner of Fruitive on the Corporate dropout Podcast
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On today’s episode of The Corporate Dropout, Gregg Rozeboom, founder of Fruitive, digs into how his idea for an organic restaurant came alive. And more importantly, how he took action to ensure that the long-term vision for his business would make it successful and set Fruitive apart from other restaurants claiming to be organic. These actions involved some cross-country travel, tasty investigations, late nights and doing the work that other restaurants in his niche weren’t doing.

Fruitive opened its doors in May 2012 and has since grown to five locations and counting—with a recent launch into the world of franchise possibilities. Everything you’ll find on its menu is plant-based and 100% Certified Organic. If you’re local to Washington D.C. or Virginia Beach, we highly recommend stopping in for some delicious food.

 In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why investigating others in your niche is crucial before you open for business
  • Dealing with impatience when it comes to your company’s growth
  • Taking actions that stay true to your long-term vision
  • How to hire and keep all-star members of your team
  • What Gregg wishes he would have done from day one of opening his restaurant

Connect with Gregg:

Check out Gregg’s blog on plant-based eating here.

Then visit Fruitive’s websiteFacebook and Instagram!

About Gregg Rozeboom:

Gregg Rozeboom is the owner of Fruitive. Fruitive is a restaurant created as a place where Gregg’s family could come and everything from the food to the ambiance and customer service would be genuine and authentic. From day one, the company has embraced that vision and strived to treat others the way its team members would want to be treated. It is about more than just food for Gregg and his team, it is about meeting people where they are on their health journey and encouraging them to live their health and values.

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