episode 29: Making Magic: Why Women Entrepreneurs Need to Work Together

By: Rachael Seda
  • episode 29 the corporate dropout podcast with melanie scott, on how women entrepreneurs make magic together
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When we’re unhappy, it’s never the circumstance or the job – it’s us. Melanie Scott is an intuitive coach that helps women entrepreneurs stop putting on bandaids and find their deeper calling. Listen for your “aha” – because if you know something isn’t right, it means you know deep down you’re here for MORE.

Melanie knows because she was there herself. She left her job (that she once loved) and spent weeks in Italy. She was listening to her intuition – and her business was born: An Intentional Business.

In this episode, listen out for: 

  • How to stop shutting out your intuition
  • The power of two women to make real business magic together
  • How women entrepreneurs can redefine leadership in terms of contributions and listening
  • Taking time before making big decisions
  • Getting information we need through action (even if that includes a setback)
  • Getting to the root of the limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • Listening to and trusting yourself

Connect with Melanie:

About Melanie Scott:

Melanie Scott is an Intuitive Life & Business Strategist and works with female entrepreneurs to grow their business with intention and impact using coaching, strategy and energy.

It’s her belief that it’s just as important to work the inside as much as the outside. By creating a strong foundation, her clients achieve clarity and alignment and then create a sustainable life and business from there.

Melanie’s mission is to empower women to wake up, connect to their truth, and to reflect to them what’s possible. She teaches clients how to answer the call, to follow the yearning of their heart and create a life and business aligned to their soul.

It’s her belief when two or more women come together and are aligned extraordinary things happen. We can create change when we empower one another, rise up and work together.

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