episode 27: Why You’re Not Making Money and How to Turn it Around

By: Rachael Seda
jenny karlsson on the corporate dropout podcast why you're not making money
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Most creatives decided they weren’t good at math a long time ago – but isn’t that the key to the financial freedom? If you’re making money, you can turn your creative hobby into a business.

In this episode Jenny Karlsson challenges us to rethink our view on math. She has a financial message for creatives: knowing your numbers is power, and knowing your history with money is clarity.

Rachael also shares her own money-block breakthrough with Jenny: that making lots of money doesn’t have to be associated with unhappiness and overwork.

Listen out for:

  • why you’ve been “living on the edge”
  • the self-sabotaging pattern you have with finances
  • how your childhood shapes your money mindset
  • reflections on invoicing out your life to the quarter-hour
  • real-life example: the revenue plateau everyone faces and how to beat it
  • Rachael’s financial tarot card and what it means

Connect with Jenny:

Visit her website and follow her on Instagram @financialsforcreatives

Ready to change your money mindset?

About Jenny Karlsson:

Jenny Karlsson, Certified Money Coach (CMC)® and founder of Financials for Creatives teaches creative women entrepreneurs how to befriend finance. Jenny is a serial entrepreneur who photographed pets and their people for six years before becoming a coach. After leaving her full-time job, as a research specialist in cell biology, she realized that being a creative with an MBA uniquely qualified her to help women entrepreneurs transform their relationship with money. She founded Financials for Creatives to offer a holistic coaching program that combines practical, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual tools to help women gain confidence and know-how to manage the ebbs and flows of being an entrepreneur.

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