Meet The Team

By: Rachael Seda

Our Virginia Beach-based team offers full-service digital marketing with a focus on bringing national exposure to retail, health and wellness, and food and beverage clients. We’ve launched several successful food brands, planned the largest plant-based nutrition event, and led campaigns communicating the safety of COVID-19 vaccination.

We invite you to meet the ambitious and creative gals of Mix+Shine!

Rachael Seda, CEO and Co-Founder

Once named to TopRank’s list of Women Who Rock Social Media, Rachael’s first passion is social media. In 2014, Rachael opened Mix+Shine Marketing, growing into a full-service agency. She also co-hosts The Corporate Dropout podcast, where she interviews business owners on their business growth and lessons learned.

Fav Thing About Working At M+S: I started M+S because I wanted to create an agency workplace I thought could be possible. Where people worked hard and had fun, where women could advance in their careers and have a family, where we invest in people and enjoy life! I wanted this for myself, but I really wanted it for every other young woman out there who dreamed of a supportive work environment where she could thrive.

Fav Account You’ve Worked On & Why: How can I choose? Honestly, I’m obsessed with our clients and they’re all fun for so many reasons. I would say a career highlight for me will always be the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU. We created a holiday cheer campaign and a dub smash video that went viral, which got us huge media including Access Hollywood, and swept awards in NYC. Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying than making a kid’s day when they’re in the hospital for months on end!

Go-to Drink Order: Skinny Margarita or Oat Milk Latte

April Sciacchitano, President and Co-Founder

April specializes in developing PR and social media campaigns from concept through implementation. She has worked with C-level executives to write speeches, respond to crises, and prepare op-ed pieces. Her work with national health associations led to an award-winning campaign season that took home wins from PRSA Big Apple Awards, Ragan’s PR, and Virginia PR Awards. April also co-hosts The Corporate Dropout Podcast!

Fav Thing About Working At M+S: Every day is different, and with each new client or project, I get to discover what this team can really do. And for anyone wondering if Instagram is reality, yeah, we really do have this much fun. 😉

Fav Account You’ve Worked On & Why: Is there a dream job better than naming flavors of ice cream? @SweetPeaWow non-dairy ice cream makes new flavor tastings an everyday occurrence at Mix+Shine, and what’s not to love?

Go-to Drink Order: I’ll have a mai tai at The Pink Dinghy.

Hannah Seda, Senior Account Executive

Hannah got into the #1 Journalism school in the USA and then decided to pursue liberal arts as a major (and much to the horror of her parents). Following her intrinsic interest in all things visual culture, she applies her unique understanding of the physical, and visual world to help create meaningful experiences for her clients’ audiences. She loves an em dash, thinks the Oxford comma is frivolous and plans to eat pizza on every continent before she dies.

Fav Thing About Working At M+S: Working with a group of kickass women, summer Fridays, working from home, and they attract some pretty amazing clients!

Fav Account You’ve Worked On & Why: Hands down I would say SweetPea plant-based ice cream! First, the ice cream is absolutely delicious. Second, it’s inclusive! They started out trying to make ice cream for people with lactose intolerance and now they make ice cream for people with all kinds of food allergies and dietary restrictions.

Go-to Drink Order: Sparkling water or an ice-cold beer!

Jordan Schoonover, Senior Account Executive

Jordan taught high school for almost 11 years before making a career change to M+S, and is a true local to Virginia Beach. She loves to travel, be outdoors, and play tennis!

Fav Thing About Working At M+S: Writing, flexibility, and freedom.

Fav Account You’ve Worked On & Why: Taylor’s Do it Center because it’s been a local institution for years and I love Meg. Also, Sentara because I love being on shoots and connecting with community organizations through Sentara Cares.

Go-to Drink Order: Skinny margarita with salt.

Chelsea Flowers, Senior Account Executive

Chelsea has worked in marketing for over 10 years and specializes in Digital Marketing Ad Strategy.

Fav Thing About Working At M+S: The people I get to work with!

Fav Account You’ve Worked On & Why: Sentara because we get to be a part of really interesting projects and learn so much about the healthcare industry from amazing people.

Go-to Drink Order: Tequila

Danielle Mitchell, Account Executive

Danielle graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Marketing and loves that she gets to combine her love of social media and writing in her current role. You can typically find Danielle planning shoot days, researching trending reels/TikToks, or on-site at M+S photoshoot days. She’s also a mom of identical twin girls, Ella & Harper, and you can typically find their family at the beach on the weekends.

Fav Thing About Working At M+S: I LOVE getting to use my creativity every single day in this role, and it brings me so much joy to see my vision come to life on our shoot days.

Fav Account You’ve Worked On & Why: Oh that’s a hard one, I like them all for different reasons! My favorite reels day has been with Taylor’s Do it Center. We laughed so much making those reels and they all turned out SO good.

Go-to Drink Order: Spicy margarita

Jessica Meko, Account Executive

Jess bridges strategic needs with creative execution, which includes everything from directing photography for a product new to the freezer aisle to creating TikToks that make COVID-19 protocol changes easy to understand. Neutral tones, a cup of coffee, and her golden retriever @mav.meko are a core part of her brand. Outside of the workday, you’ll find Jess traveling, finding all the new coffee shops, and shopping for the latest trend in zennial fashion.

Fav Thing About Working At M+S: The creative writing, photoshoots, and the fact that every day looks different!

Fav Account You’ve Worked On & Why: SweetPea. As a non-dairy, zennial girl herself, she loves creating content for non-dairy, zennial girls.

Go-to Drink Order: Iced coffee with almond milk

D’Asia Lasala, Assistant Account Executive

D’Asia Lasala is a Virginia Tech alumna with a specialty in public relations and a passion for finding new ways to build connections. One thing she loves about marketing and communications is her ability to apply her skills in ways that allow her to be the voice of reason in any given situation. When she’s not living her best life at the Mix+Shine office, she is working on her fitness at the gym. D’Asia’s love for health and wellness fuels her desire to educate and enhance the lives of others through her work at M+S.

Fav Thing About Working At M+S: Besides happy hours with the best people on the planet, my favorite thing about working at M+S is my ability to showcase my natural talents while learning new skills in a hands-on environment.

Fav Account You’ve Worked On & Why: Uncle Harry’s because the brand focuses on family which never fails to put me in a good mood. Being able to work on an account that is centered around bringing people together and making people happy is extremely rewarding.

Go-to Drink Order: Spicy Margarita

Eliana Moitinho, Marketing and Social Media Intern

Eliana is M+S’s newest Intern, and just moved to Virginia Beach! Outside of work, she loves to hike, go to the beach, discover new coffee shops, and cook.

Fav Thing About Working At M+S: Working alongside such creative and accomplished women. It’s so motivating to get to work with them every day on new projects!

Fav Account You’ve Worked On & Why: SweetPea. The blogs have been so much fun to write.

Go-to Drink Order: Iced vanilla oat milk latte

Valeria L. Palmertree, Public Relations Consultant

Valeria is a strategic communicator and professional storyteller, who has cultivated her passion for stories over a 15-year public relations career. As a Public Relations Consultant for M+S, Valeria helps clients share their stories and generate media coverage. A prolific writer herself, Valeria has been published in several national publications. Her ongoing words can also be found at ThePalmTreeType.com. A native of Argentina and raised in Miami Beach, Valeria is fluent in Spanish, Malbec, and Futbol.

Fav Thing About Working With M+S: As soon as you join the M+S team, you’re immediately made to feel like family. Not to mention, the team’s energy is unmatched! They’re such a fun, thoughtful, caring, and energizing team to work with – for colleagues and for clients alike.

Fav Account You’ve Worked On & Why: SweetPea. Getting to work alongside this client from the brand’s inception has been such a sweet treat – pun intended! In partnership with M+S, we created SweetPea’s brand story, packaging, messaging and even its name – a rare and exciting opportunity I cherish every day.

Go-to Drink Order: Almond Milk Flat White (@ Starbucks) Extra Dirty Vodka Martini (@ the Bar)

Ashleigh Kluck, Performance Marketing Copywriter

Ashleigh is a Social Media Strategist and Marketing Copywriter who works with top agencies across the country to help deliver best-in-class content in the digital marketing space. She consults on social strategy and creates captivating on-brand copy for clients in the food/beverage, travel, automotive, healthcare, beauty, and wellness industry. She considers a well-organized content calendar crucial to her success and firmly believes that sharing TikToks should be considered a love language.

Fav Thing About Working At M+S: I’ve been a remote contractor since I started working for Mix+Shine back in 2019, and since the very beginning Rachael and April have made me feel like a valued part of the team. They’re interested in my ideas, trust my expertise, and the energy in that office can be felt 1,000 miles away!

Fav Account You’ve Worked On & Why: I’ve worked on a lot of accounts since 2019, but my favorite one would have to be the M+S account! You might think that being in charge of the marketing for a marketing agency would be intimidating, but it’s actually the opposite – I feel empowered and my most creative self when working on this account.

Go-to Drink Order: Spicy Jalepeno Mule