episode 49: How to Develop a Mindset That Will Empower You to Achieve Anything with Cliff Ravenscraft

By: Rachael Seda
Cliff Ravenscraft on developing a mindset to do anything on the corporate dropout podcast with rachael seda and April sciacchitano
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On today’s episode of The Corporate Dropout, Rachael chats with podcast expert, business mentor, professional coach and Mindset Answer Man, Cliff Ravenscraft. After making the choice to workout six days a week for the rest of his life (and cut out sugar shortly after), Cliff learned what’s necessary to create change that lasts. He then used his knowledge and applied it to every area of his life.

When he left the family business, an independent insurance agency, in 2008, Cliff started an online business and became the leading authority in the world of podcasting. (He’s personally responsible for training over 40,000 people on how to successfully launch a podcast!) After a decade in this online business, he decided to stop all revenue streams and pursue what he was truly passionate about: coaching others to create the life of their dreams.

 In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The most common thing that keeps people from living the life of their dreams
  • What it means to get really specific about what you want out of life
  • How to recognize and eliminate your limiting beliefs
  • How to determine which actions you need to take and which actions you need to stop
  • Daily activities to keep your mindset in check when you’re in a time of fear or crisis

Connect with Cliff:

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More about Cliff:

I’ve learned what is necessary to create change that lasts in human behavior and applied it to every area of my life.

In January 2008, I left an extremely lucrative career as an independent insurance agent, in a family run insurance agency that was started by my grandfather in 1937.  I was next in line to take over the agency from my father.

Over the next decade, I built an online business where I became the world’s leading authority on podcasting. I am personally responsible for training more than 40,000 people on the successful launch of their podcast.

In September 2017, I made a decision to shut down 100% of all income streams from a half a million dollar per year business, so that I could focus all of my work time, effort and energy on what I feel most passionate about doing in the world.

I’m now experiencing greater fulfillment and profitability than I ever dreamed imaginable.

Professionally, I coach others where I have the incredible honor of going on a journey with my clients, as they CREATE the life of their dreams.

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