episode 59: Stay in Your Magic and Niche Down Your Business

By: Rachael Seda
Stephanie Gilbert on the Corporate dropout podcast talking about niching down your business
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If you’re scared to niche down your business, don’t be. Stephanie Gilbert is proof that niching down can help scale your business to six figures and beyond. 

Five years ago Stephanie left her cushy 9-to-5 job to pursue a career managing social media for businesses. At the time, many brands weren’t using social platforms as a marketing outlet. And once she discovered the power that Instagram posts could have for a brand, she knew it was a career path worth pursuing.

Small Talk Social was born shortly after. At first, Stephanie worked with any and everyone, which led to 14 hour work days AND working on the weekends. Was this really what entrepreneurship was all about? She knew there was a better way to organize her business, so she went to work creating systems and processes to streamline what she did for her clients daily, weekly and monthly.

Stephanie also knew she couldn’t scale her business alone. She needed help and she needed to niche down. So she brought in a former co-worker to help grow her business and to help market it to the clients she really wanted to work with. Aka her niche! And guess what? Her business grew to SIX FIGURES IN ONE YEAR!

On today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • 2 ways to niche down that AREN’T industry specific
  • Why collaboration/partnerships are so important to growth
  • What to do if the niche you choose takes a hit (and isn’t profitable anymore)
  • Why multiple streams of revenue are always a good idea


Connect with Stephanie

About Stephanie Gilbert

In 2015 Stephanie Gilbert took the leap, left her 9-5 & started a business called Small Talk Social, offering various social media services to local business owners.

After successfully scaling her solo-freelancing-gig to a multiple six figure social media agency in under a year, people asked her how she grew so quickly, and how she actually had time to juggle everything.

She realized her scaling superpower lied in her systems & created The Social Media CEO to share them with as many social media business owners as possible.

The Social Media CEO’s mission is to help women build profitable, sustainable social media businesses from home–helping them go from frustrated freelancer to successful social media agency owner in less time & with fewer questions and doubts!

Calling All Corporate Dropouts!

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