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That time we tweeted our way to the TODAY Show.

Fellow Flowers is a national women’s running community that celebrates WHY women put one foot in front of the other, in running and in life. The flower connects women with their purpose – green for courage, purple for no-excuses, orange for fiercely united, and so on.

When the TODAY Show was covering an 8 week feature on women and the reasons they train for races, we knew Fellow Flowers was a perfect fit.

So we sent an email.

But that wasn’t all. We took our email pitch a step further by harnessing the power of community. We asked women to submit their reason for running to the TODAY Show, and advised each of them to begin their story the same way: My name is Mel, and I am a Fellow Flower. I am a green flower because I run for courage, and here is my story. We also tweeted individual TODAY reporters, hoping to get their attention.

In a producer’s meeting, TODAY Show host Erica Hill asked her team: who are the flowers?

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.18.36 AMSoon after, the TODAY Show emailed us back. After hearing the Fellow Flowers story from the founders, they asked to shoot on-location in Madison to meet the founders and tell their story. (Watch the segment here). It aired on a Saturday three different times.

  • Site traffic soared by more than 70% compared to the average month
  • Email subscriptions grew by 40%
  • Facebook community grew by almost 30% within hours of the segment airing
  • Merchandise sales were 75% more in the month of April than on average (breaking the record sales for a given day the Saturday the show aired)

More importantly, there were long-term effects after this burst of traffic based on the segment date. Including media opportunities with local NBC affiliates, new potential sponsorship opportunities and a growing overall awareness of the brand. Later that year, TODAY host Erica Hill also joined the Fellow Flowers’ annual event, Rock Retreat Run, as the keynote speaker to talk about how she became a runner and running’s impact on her life.



The time we amplified an annual event to create a movement.

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Fellow Flowers was ready to grow and expand to reach more women beyond their existing Facebook community. The 3rd Annual Declare It Day, a day Fellow Flowers created to inspire women to crush their goals, would be used as our catalyst. Focused on connecting women across the nation, we developed and implemented a robust content marketing and social media strategy that included the following:

  • Dedicated Declare It Day landing page
  • Shareable social goodies
  • Declare It Day Goal Guide, printable declaration, goal crushing gear for sale
  • Targeted email marketing campaign
  • Twitter chat series
  • Blog series fueled by Declare It Day experiences from our community
  • Meaningful giveaways that engaged the community and motivated them to introduce new friends to the movement
  • Live in-person event meet-ups across the country

As a result, we met or exceeded all goals, producing the following outcomes:

  • Increased apparel and flower sales by 23.54%
  • Drove 7,353 unique visitors to the Declare It Day landing page
  • Grew the email list with 5,144 new email subscribers, increasing the overall list by 70% in February 2015 compared to February 2014  
  • Increased the Facebook community by 10%
  • Secured four strategic partnerships and multiple giveaways for the event

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