episode 60: How to Use Quizzes to Grow Your Email List

By: Rachael Seda
Linda Sidhu and Wendy Jensen talk about using quizzes to grow your email list on the corporate dropout podcast
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If you’ve ever wondered how you could use an online quiz to help grow your email list, this is the episode for you! Today’s guests, Lindy Sidhu and Wendy Jensen of The Email Collection are on a mission to help small businesses grow their email list by using quizzes instead of downloadable PDFs.

Linda’s background is in pharmaceutical sales. Once she and her husband had kids they decided she would stay home instead of traveling so much for work. During this time she dabbled in multilevel marketing and recognized the need for email marketing. 

Wendy’s corporate background spans 20 years, spending the last 10 year stretch at Expedia as the Director of Site Experience. She grew tired of trading her time for money and decided to go off on her own as a consultant. During this time she met Linda, and they bonded over their love for B-School.

They were both really interested in top of funnel marketing strategies and figuring out creative ways to get people on your email list. Fast forward a few weeks later and the Pop-Diva personality quiz was born. Linda and Wendy’s success was unbelievable, 300% growth in 60 days. From there they decided to teach others how to create quizzes that would grow an email list and ultimately convert an audience from a follower into a customer.

On today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • Who should create an online quiz and how to do it without blowing your budget
  • How quizzes can be more beneficial than PDF downloads
  • Why you need to know your audience challenges and how you can help them
  • How long it typically takes to create an online quiz that works
  • What you need in place to send to your audience AFTER they take the quiz
  • Where to put your online quiz besides your website



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About Linda and Wendy

We’re Linda and Wendy, two corporate boss ladies (and wine lovers) turned entrepreneurs, dedicated to making online marketing simple for overwhelmed business owners.

We went from not having enough time or knowing how to take full advantage of email…to growing our list by 300% in 60 days.

Our growth was so successful (and in the end, so simple) that we couldn’t wait to teach others how to do it our way.

Our courses, min-courses, and custom quizzes are created with heart, soul, and skill. Learn from our own trial and error and months of searching for the simplest ways to get ahead.

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