episode 11: Why Your Revenue Strategy Is a Relationship Strategy with Jeremy Carey

By: Rachael Seda
Ironclad, Jeremy Carey, The Corporate Dropout Podcast
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When Jeremy Carey thinks about growth, he thinks in terms of caliber and scale of projects – not monster overheads. Instead, for him and his business, Ironclad, it’s about culture, influence and the type of content that’s going to impact society.

How do you make it happen? You can always track growth back to a relationship. As founder of Ironclad, a digital cinema agency, Jeremy works with his team to make sure every touchpoint with the agency – from emails to swag to social media – is best in the world.

In this episode, Jeremy shares  –

  • Why a smaller city should never limit your growth potential
  • How some of Ironclad’s biggest clients came from free gigs
  • Why revenue strategy is a relationship strategy
  • The importance of customer experience at each touchpoint
  • What’s more important – hard work vs. talent
  • Why cost should never keep you from a gig
  • Balancing losing yourself in your phone with leveraging it as a tool
  • Why social media (especially Instagram) drives business

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About Jeremy Carey:

Born and raised in Virginia, Jeremy Carey is the Owner and Director at Ironclad Media Alliance. He started out making videos in high school with his parents’ VHS recorder, using a duplicator machine to edit his skate videos with friends. As technology advanced, his passion for creating grew and he traveled West to attend LA Film school. Making his way back to Virginia Beach, he founded Ironclad in 2009.

Ironclad is a team of storytellers and artists dedicated to bringing visions to life. The team has partnered with some of the finest brands in the world developing and executing campaigns that showcase the vision of their clients and creativity of the team.

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