episode 75: How Women Entrepreneurs Can Rise Above Indecision

By: Rachael Seda
Dr. Krystal Conner on the Mix+Shine Marketing podcast the corporate dropout in hampton roads
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Rising above indecision to go after your dreams can be hard. Today’s guest, Dr. Krystal Conner, is a certified life coach, wife, mother and boss babe who helps women rise above self-doubt and  transform their lives into what she calls The 10/10 Life. Her method is centered around shifting people’s negative thoughts about themselves, their relationships and their dreams—thus changing a person’s entire perspective—to allow them to reach the goals they keep telling themselves they can’t.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • Self-awareness is key to challenging the way we think about ourselves
  • That achieving your 10/10 life is as simple as shifting your perspective
  • Why you should stop chasing perfection and quit stalling
  • When you should start charging for your work
  • How to invest in yourself in 2021



Connect with Dr. Conner

About Dr. Conner

Dr. Krystal Conner is a certified life and weight coach who works with successful women to help them create a life that they love in all areas without compromising or settling for less using The 10/10 Life Methodology.

The 10/10 Life Methodology covers three areas: You, You and Your relationships, and You and Your Dreams.

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