episode 19: Tech Startup Big Ideas and Calling It Quits with Sarah Klein

By: Mix+Shine Team
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With talent at the intersection of tech, design and strategy, Sarah Klein is a true triple threat in the startup world. It’s why she was uniquely able to dissect and tackle a long sought-after solution in entertainment. How can you buy the things you see on TV?

For years, Sarah developed her tech startup Stuff On Set. She was fully dedicated, and she had promising investor meetings in Los Angeles. But in 2017, it was simply time to call it.

That hardly means her startup was a “wash.” In reflection, Sarah sees years of skills-building that she knows will help her in her next entrepreneurial endeavor.

Sarah’s interest in building the seemingly-impossible runs deep. She learned about business from a young age through her family company. As a result, she created an online education platform, well before powerhouses like Blackboard existed. Today she applies lessons from her grandfather, a space pioneer – creating something that does not exist is in her blood.

In this episode, Sarah talks us through –

  • Solving multifaceted problems
  • Preparing for investor meetings
  • Why thriving competition is a good thing
  • Taking recovery time after a big life change
  • The importance of a Crazy Ideas folder
  • When NOT to take advice on your business
  • A workflow for thinking through business ideas

Connect with Sarah Klein:

About Sarah Klein:

Sarah Klein is an entrepreneur and creative strategist who has an unusual combination of skills that touches the worlds of business, tech, entertainment, art, and biochemistry. She gets fired up about the big picture, finds passion in the details, and believes in the power of bringing people and industries together to achieve what “can’t” be done.

She currently lives in Norfolk, Virginia with her husband where they enjoy local craft beer and training their two Barbet puppies to spread love as therapy dogs.

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