episode 04: She Quit Her Job 2 Weeks Ago – Now What?! with Rachel Henson

By: Rachael Seda
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There’s nothing like your first 6 months in business without a 9-5. It’s a rush – each day filled with thrills and worry alike. Rachel Henson joins our podcast just two weeks after starting her own entrepreneur’s journey. She’s waking up without an alarm (no Sunday scaries here), working weekends and building out a client base for her baking business in Virginia Beach.

The shift happened one weekend. Rachel had 9 orders to complete – for her “side” business. (6:17) Rachel reflects on when to make the jump from employee to entrepreneur, and her wisdom applies to any season of life: “You won’t know your limit until you hit it.”

Surprisingly, Rachel actually has NOT been baking since she was a little girl. Baking is a passion she cultivated more recently by investing her time to develop skill and flex her creative muscles. For Rachel, breaking out to focus on her own business has been a long time coming. It’s a result of long-term preparation – an approach that will speak to any entrepreneur who identifies as a planner.

Listen in for Rachel’s thoughts on –

  • Why you need to prioritize your portfolio before quitting your job
  • How to think like an entrepreneur even if you’re a more cautious person
  • Bonus! Pro baking tips that have already upped Mix+Shine’s holiday cookie game. (17:24)

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About Rachel Henson:

Rachel Henson is the Owner of Rachel Bakes. She was born and raise in Virginia Beach. Her parents still live in the same house she grew up in. It all started with a KitchenAid Mixer and a cake class. Never in a million years did Rachel think she’d be a baker, but what started as a fun hobby soon exploded and became a full-time business. No matter how hard entrepreneurship gets, she’s pretty certain she could never go back to a full time job working for someone else. Going full-time is one of the best decisions she’s personally ever made.

One of her favorite titles is “Aunt” to her nephew and nieces who are the loves of her life and number one taste testers.

Calling All Corporate Dropouts!

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