episode 05: Stop Dimming Your Light – How to Embrace Your Independent Streak with Mel Charbonneau

By: Rachael Seda
Mel Charbonneau, the corporate dropout
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Six years ago, Mel Charbonneau ran a half marathon with a flower in her hair. Today, 30,000 women do the same as part of Fellow Flowers, a national women’s running group that celebrates the reasons women run. If you’re a square peg that’s been dulling your edges to suit someone else’s needs, you need to hear from Mel. Like you, her independent streak runs deep.

Mel says it best – “It can be an epiphany or a slow steady rub – but something doesn’t feel right. Then one day, someone says something, and it cracks open. You finally hear that quiet voice that says, ‘What are you waiting for?’ So often, we move so fast we don’t pause and listen to that voice.”

In this podcast, Mel shares –

  • Why slowing down and listening can be more powerful than running to the next goal
  • How she taps into purpose to push through the hard moments
  • The one thing Mel would change about the early years of running her business

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