episode 03: Talking to Customers Like Real People with Megan Hogan… (And How to Use 5 Mins with Gary Vaynerchuk)

By: Rachael Seda
the corporate dropout podcast, episode 03, megan hogan
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If you don’t have it all figured out, is it okay to show up anyway?

This was the question Megan Hogan wanted to ask when she gifted herself a consult with Gary Vaynerchuk for her 30th birthday. Her takeaway was this: It’s okay to learn out loud. Document the journey instead of pretending your business is bigger than it really is.

As a military spouse, Megan found herself starting and stopping various businesses because she knew moving was only a matter of time. She shares her experience of selling refinished furniture to flipping smart thermostats to becoming a home chef.

Ultimately, Megan started again and decided to put down roots. First working for tacos and testimonials to build her portfolio before developing revenue, then opening The Annex in Virginia Beach.

Listen to this episode of The Corporate Dropout as Megan shares –
  • Her go-to framework for talking to customers: What? So What? Now What?
  • How to get scrappy and make sales your #1 priority
  • Why convincing someone you have a good idea is a waste of time

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About Megan Hogan:

Megan Hogan is a brand builder for creative entrepreneurs looking for ways to connect with their clients both online and in real life. She’s helping small business owners dream bigger for themselves with her new meeting and event space (The Annex) in Virginia Beach. In its first year, The Annex is a two time Coastal Virginia Best of Business award winner for business meetings, conferences, and events.

Megan’s clients have called her the customer whisperer, and her website writing workshops will leave your clients saying the same thing about you. Her simple approach to brand messaging will leave you wondering why you waited so long to start.

When she’s not at The Annex, you can find her scouting the aisles of TJ Maxx Home Goods for home decor she never knew she needed. Meet Megan and get ready to connect with your clients in a whole new way.

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