episode 06: Trusting your gut, even when it means giving up $50,000 with Mel Charbonneau

By: Rachael Seda
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If you’re an entrepreneur with a tendency to overthink or talk yourself out of things, you need to listen to this episode. In business today, nearly everyone is after a membership/subscription model. Mel Charbonneau had one – and sure, she made money. But quickly her time became absorbed with justifying the cost to her members. It sucked the purpose and passion out of the reason this insider group began in the first place. So one day she woke up and decided enough. She got rid of the membership and along with it, a $50,000 line item in her budget for the year.

Boom. Done.

If that financial move has you feeling a little bad for Mel, don’t! She argues she gained much more in the process – and we bet you’ll find her outlook as refreshing as we did.

“So what if you have balanced books? If you are burned and you resent being in your business, it doesn’t feel good anymore… that’s not why you started this thing! Let go of some of those constraints… it has to feel good. You can sustain it not feeling good for a year, maybe two, but if you’re at odds and not running a business aligned with your DNA and who you are as a person, it’s going to grate on you.”

The lesson? Trust your gut. Even if it costs money. This episode is packed with great advice from Mel. Listen in for more on –

  • Making decisions based on how you want to feel in your business
  • Why fear keeps you out of the game and how to beat it
  • Being a proving ground for the dreamers that come after you
  • The story you tell yourself – and how it manifests
  • Why you need to work in an environment that gives you energy

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