episode 64: Money Series PT 1: What to charge for your work

By: Rachael Seda
Rachael Seda and April Sciacchitano from Mix+Shine Marketing and the corporate dropout podcast
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DOLLA DOLLA BILLS Y’ALL. Today we’re kicking off Part 1 of a 3-Part Money Series from The Corporate Dropout where we dive into all things money as it relates to your business. In this episode we’re talking about what to charge for your work, and how to get comfortable talking about it with others in your industry, as well as your clients.

When we started working in the corporate world 7+ years ago, we were working under other consultants charging $60-65/hr. Because of this (and because of a boss we had who was very transparent about money coming in and out), we learned how to build a budget to meet our needs, our worth, and our work. Today our charging structure looks very different, and instead of two of us working on accounts, we have a full team to help execute our marketing goals.

On today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • Our 3-Step Formula for figuring out what to charge
  • Where to get the scoop on what others in your industry are charging
  • How to talk value with your clients instead of hours
  • Mindset shifts you need to make when charging your service rate
  • What you need to know about changing fees due to the economy
  • How to carefully go about working for free to build your portfolio



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