What We’re Reading: October 12

By: Mix+Shine Team

what we're reading

We’re always on the lookout for big ideas that challenge the status quo and reveal new insights.

Here’s what we’re reading this week that help us (and you) do just that:

  • ‘Sprint’ Author Jake Knapp Built You a New To-Do List

    (IDEO blog): Whether it’s David Allen’s Get-It-Done strategy or a kanban-style Asana board, we’re always into systems of organization that help you prioritize appropriately – without dropping any items off your list. Jake Knapp introduces the Burner List, where you keep front burners, back burners, “kitchen sinks” and breathing room all on one page. Nothing wrong with pen and paper!  

  • The Speculum Finally Gets a Modern Redesign

    (Wired): Patient-centered care and patient satisfaction are longtime buzzwords in the healthcare industry. There’s no better example of prioritizing the patient-experience than the redesign of the speculum, the device used by OBGYNs to perform pelvic exams. The current design of the Speculum dates back to the 1840s…and needless to say, women aren’t floored by it.

  • Who Gives a Puck About Sports Merch?

    (Racked): Can Las Vegas’ first professional sports team build a hockey brand in the middle of a desert? This piece whisks you through the phases of branding, including market and audience research, design, messaging, strategic partnerships and more. Will their creative gambles pay off? Click through to find out.

That’s what we’re reading this week. How about you – what are you reading this week?