episode 13: One Last Shot: When You Decide Failing Isn’t an Option with Kristina Knapp

By: Rachael Seda
Kristina Knapp, The Corporate Dropout Podcast
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Kristina Knapp is master of the turnaround. At 21, she became the number one seller at Michael Kors – and within a year, she was traveling the east coast to help more stores become top performers.

It comes as no surprise  that Kristina became a corporate dropout and started her own business Elixir Media Co., which helps entrepreneurs with their social media presence.

Eventually, it was her own business that needed a turnaround. Kristina is fresh off of a transformative year. She almost called it quits, but decided to give it ONE last push – to give her business a chance and to not let failing be an option. It was more than a wild ride it was life-changing for Kristina. She has tons of valuable advice on how she made critical changes to her business to boost revenue x3 and grow her team to 9 (all in 5 months while she was pregnant may I add!).

Listen in for more from Kristina on –

  • Why you should hire someone to do any task that drains you
  • Getting unstuck and investing in your own business
  • Why a scarcity mindset and holding onto money holds you back
  • How a one hour activity has big returns
  • How a business coach guided Kristina through major changes
  • Brands that are impressing on Twitter
  • Why you have to talk to customers on social media

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About Kristina Knapp:

Kristina’s been getting businesses real results long before she founded Elixir Media Co. Her degree is in Economics, which means she’s obsessed with tracking and measuring the results she gets for her clients. She might be a numbers person, but she really gets people and understands what makes them tick. And she knows how to take that information to get them to buy.

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