episode 54: You’re Not Crazy: Work From Home is Hard

By: Mix+Shine Team
Rachael Seda and April Sciacchitano of Mix+Shine Marketing with Kristina Knapp of Elixir Media Co.
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Whether or not you considered yourself a “Corporate Dropout” pre-quarantine, there’s a good chance that you now share the work from home aspect of it with us. If you’ve ever looked at #WorkingFromHome like hitting the jackpot (hello leggings), you’re not alone in discovering that it’s actually quite hard to manage.

On today’s episode, we chat with our first return guest –– Kristina from Elixir Media Co. about how we each manage working from home in the pandemic. We may be work-from-home “veterans” but COVID-19 turned things completely upside down for everyone –– including us! We get real about what it’s like to set boundaries at home, how to create spaces that allow you to work creatively and how to manage time and set priorities when you have kids at home.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Questions we asked ourselves in order to pivot our services
  • Why “mid-day check ins” are so important
  • How to set boundaries so home can still feel like “home”
  • How our Daily Mindset Planner can help you thrive


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