episode 30: We Answer Your Top 7 Business Questions

By: Mix+Shine Team

the corporate dropout podcast episode 30 rachael and april answer your top business questions

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Is September the new January? How have we changed our business based on our podcast interviews? All this from your hosts Rachael + April, PLUS critical information every entrepreneur needs to keep in mind when they are trying to get new business.

We’re answering your top business questions on this episode.

Listen out for:

  • Why Rachael is calling out what she’s good at
  • Aprils 2019 goal check-in with 4 months left
  • Our drinks of summer and why September is go-time in business and life
  • The average closing rate for proposals
  • What every business with a service component should know about locking down new clients
  • Our favorite tools for business (and they’re not even sponsors!)
  • The tool to know if Excel sheets make you feel like dying

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